Tierra Garden 79-Gallon Composter

The Tierra Garden 79-Gallon Composter turns kitchen waste into rich compost. This composter is constructed from 100-Percent recycled UV-resistant polypropylene.

Tierra Garden 79-Gallon Composter Features

  • Great one piece feed opening
  • Constructed from 100-percent recycled uv-resistant polypropylene
  • Lid with wind protection
  • Easy and convenient assembly
  • 25.6-inch long by 23.6-inch wide by 35-1/2-inch high

Tierra Garden 79-Gallon Composter Description

This composter has a great one piece feed opening and a lid with wind protection. The Tierra Garden Compsoter can be easily and conveniently assembled without tools. It is very easy to withdraw the material from the composter thanks to a big flap with handle.

What we Liked Most about the Tierra Garden 79-Gallon Composter

The composter is very easy to put together and should only take a few minutes. It is also a decent size so it won’t take up too much room in the garden. We also like the price point considering you can easily pay over a hundred dollars for other composters.

What we Did Not Like about the Tierra Garden 79-Gallon Composter

The problem is the whole lid comes off very easily. The connections are snap on, and they snap off too easily so the lid is constantly coming loose. Some people reported that small animals can get in to it easily so you might have to find a way to tie the lid down. One suggestion is to put a brick on the top of the composter.

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More about the Tierra Garden 79-Gallon Composter

Tierra Garden 79-Gallon ComposterThe Tierra Garden 79-Gallon Composter is the ideal way to put your household waste and garden clippings to good use generating valuable nutrients for your flowerbeds or vegetable garden.

This easy-to-use composter will fit nicely in most gardens as it is not too big.

The Tierra Garden Composter has a 79-gallon capacity with a hinged lid.

The composter bin is easy to assemble, with 4 interlocking sides that snap together at the corners.

The bin provides necessary aeration to help the composting process along and keep everything neatly away from pests.

Making Compost: The Perfect Recipe Video:

Tierra Garden 79-Gallon Composter Order Link: Tierra Garden 628000 Composter

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