Worm Farm Accessory Kit Review

The Worm Farm Accessory Kit gives you all the tools you need to become a master worm farmer. It is important to regularly check the conditions in your worm bin in order to make sure your worms aren’t in any danger. Moisture, pH, or temperature issues can mean bad news for the little composting worms.

Worm Farm Accessory Kit Features

The kit includes one each of the following accessories:

  • Worm Compost pH + Moisture Meter
  • Worm Compost Thermometer
  • Worm Compost Turning Claw
  • Worm Compost Harvesting Scraper
  • Food Scrap Handling Tongs

Worm Farm Accessory Kit Description

The kit provides tools for measuring the levels of all three critical factors when using a worm farm composter. It also contains tools for feeding your worms, turning your bedding, and harvesting your finished worm castings.

What we Liked Most about the Worm Farm Accessory Kit

We liked that the accessories in this kit are designed to handle the bedding gently. That’s very important, because you don’t want to injure the worms or mess up the bedding or the quality of the environment.

What we Did Not Like about the Worm Farm Accessory Kit

A few people had an issue with the dual pH/moisture meter. The moisture indicator seems to always read “wet” even when the bedding is just moist. It might be that condensation is forming on the probe and it is misreading the moisture content.

Worm Farm Accessory Kit Information Link: Accessory Kit for Worm Farm

More about the Worm Farm Accessory Kit

Worm Farm Accessory KitThis is the perfect set of accessories if you are using a worm composter bin.

If you were to buy the pH/moisture meter it would cost as much or more than this kit.

Basically, the rest of the tools are free if you consider the price of the kit.

These accessories are an essential part of any worm farm starter kit.

Get more information on the Worm Factory when you read my review here.

How to Worm Composting Video:

Worm Farm Accessory Kit Information Link: Accessory Kit for Worm Farm

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