See-Through Compost Container

This is a great teaching device if you want to show your kids how different materials can decompose. There are three aerated compartments that kids can view to see the entire decomposition process clearly. They will be able to make side-by-side comparisons between different materials.

See-Through Compost Container Features

  • View the entire decomposition process with three clear, separate, aerated compartments.
  • Make side-by-side comparisons between different materials in each of the compartments.
  • Includes thermometers to show temperature changes during the decomposition process.
  • Teaches kids about decomposition, composting, life cycles, and environmental science.
  • Guide includes composting facts and science project ideas

See-Through Compost Container Description

The clear plastic box has a faux grass top and aeration holes. The three clear-view compartments have magnification spots and thermometers. Your child will get to learn about decomposition, composting, life cycles and environmental education. There is also a teacher’s guide with usage ideas, timelines and science fair applications.

What we Liked Most about the See-Through Compost Container

This makes for a great teaching device whether at home or in a school setting. Kids will love being able to compare each section and see the decomposition process through the various stages. The fact that it comes with mercury-free thermometers is great because you can record data about how thermal energy is released.

What we Did Not Like about the See-Through Compost Container

This comes in three pieces. It has a brown bottom piece, the clear hard plastic container for composting, and the green top. They are well made, but not attached. This is fine for the top but not so good for the bottom especially if you want to move it. I suppose you could always glue the bottom to the container.

See-Through Compost Container Order Link: Educational Insights Composter

More about the See-Through Compost Container

See-Through Compost ContainerHere is what is happening inside the container. Tiny microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, algae, and protozoa eat the organic waste in the container.

As they break down the materials they produce heat. Different types of bacteria and fungi are more prevalent at different times.

Decomposition depends on factors such as the current temperature, pH, oxygen level, amount of water, and type of food available.

These types of organisms are beneficial to us all because they clean up the earth’s ‘trash’ by literally recycling organic material and turning it back into rich soil from which new living things can grow.

The Compost Container is ideal for science fair experiments because students can do a comparative study using the three sections.

Students should record daily observations and temperature changes and take photographs to show progression over time.

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