What is a Garden Composter?

If you are a gardener you have probably thought about composting. It is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to produce nutrient-rich soil for your garden. You can use garden and yard trimmings and organic material such as vegetable and fruit peelings from the kitchen. You can even use egg shells, coffee grounds and tea bags as well as leaves.

Certainly you can make a compost pile in your yard. However, you run the risk of having odors and attracting rodents and bugs. Having a garden composter is a better way to product fresh compost.

A garden composter can be made of plastic or metal and they come in different sizes. The most popular kind of composting bin is the composter tumbler. With this kind of composter, the drum rotates and compost moves around. This way you don’t have to physically move it yourself.

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Generally there is a door on the top of the tumbler where you can add and remove material. Some composters are double sided. This way you can have a new batch brewing while you have a completed batch on the other side. This type of composter is great to have if you have a large garden.

Another type of composter is a composting bin. These composters are stationary. There is a hatch at the bottom for easy access to the composted material.

A slatted wooden bin allows for air circulation. This kind of composter is often sectioned for layers.

Another type of composter is call a worm composter. They perform the same task as other composters but the worms help do the work of making compost. They eat the organic material and their waste by product can then be used as a fertilizer.

Regardless of the size of your garden space, there is a composter that will fit your needs. As the natural process of composting will generate a lot of heat, storing composter in a composter allows for an efficient way to breakdown the added materials.

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