Turn a Doggie Dont Into a Doggie Do: Picking up Dog Waste Is a Relief for Owners and the Planet with First Ever Tapioca-Derived Product on the Market

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 01, 2012

Its a dilemma faced by many pet owners. How to handle pet waste in a way that is responsible without increasing the amount of harmful plastic in the environment? A new answer surfaced at the Global Pet Expo this week that has people buzzing about tapioca. For consumers concerned about their pets and their environment this first-of-its-kind product derived from the highly sustainable tapioca root is building a quick following. The tapioca film being manufactured for Eco Dog Planet Doggie Waste Bags not only breaks down faster than any other material used for the same purpose, it also offers consumers a high quality, super effective product that is unlike any other they have tried.

What makes these new Eco Dog Planet Doggie Waste Bags better? Not only are these bags a feel-good choice, they are designed to make performing the necessary duty of picking up after a dog as easy and mess-free as possible. The tapioca film has a powdery finish that makes it very easy to open, and extra attention has been placed on seams and size for an effective, leak-proof bag that does the job it is designed to do. And, by choosing Eco Dog Planet Doggie Waste Bags, dog owners are selecting a material that, when placed in soil, compost or a landfill, is immediately consumed by micro-organisms, accelerating the decomposition process very quickly.

There are approximately 77.6 million dog owners in the United States, and when we realized the amount of waste those dogs can produce, particularly in urban areas, we saw a huge problem for which we could offer a better solution, said Chris King, CEO and President of Eco Dog Planet. Owners should pick up after their dogs so disease-causing bacteria doesnt contaminate our water, and rather than using a plastic bag that will be sitting around for thousands of years, they can choose our bags.

These Doggie Waste Bags are a big hit with discerning pets and their owners. Paris Hiltons BFF Tinkerbell was so excited when we shared our bags with them, she asked us to make a girly pink bag for her. And, for fans of Snoopy, we created blue bags even Joe Cool would approve of. Eco Dog Planet Doggie Waste Bags in green, Tinkerbell pink, and Snoopy blue are available online at in a 3-pack of 60 bags ($ 9.99) and a 6-pack of 120 bags ($ 14.99). And, available in Spring 2012, we have created tasteful mini duffel carriers ($ 14.99) featuring a stylish checkered design, and sized expressly to accommodate the thickness of our bags.

Eco Dog Planet can be found at or follow @ecodogplanet on Twitter for more information about tapioca production and updates about new products.

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Eco Dog Planet is a new company dedicated to the science, manufacturing and design of new products that are good for dogs, good for the environment, and good for owners. The company has developed the science behind new tapioca-derived materials being applied toward the creation of eco-friendly pet products, available on


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