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Lifetime 60028 65-Gallon Compost Tumbler

Going green? Recycle your vegetable scraps into a nutritious fertilizer for your vegetable and flower gardens with the Lifetime 65 gal. Composter. It is constructed with heavy-duty black panels to absorb and retain the heat that decomposes the organic material. An internal mixing bar allows the flow of oxygen to break it down into a […]


Lifetime 60058 75-Gallon Compost Tumbler, Black

Why spend money on expensive fertilizers when you can create your own composting and reduce landfill waste as well? With a Lifetime Composter you can easily reduce, reuse, and recycle kitchen and garden waste into a rich organic soil conditioner. Compost helps retain the moisture in your soil and adds rich nutrients for healthy plants. […]


PRODUCT REVIEW: Lifetime Compost Tumbler $99 at Costco

Good look at what you’ll face in assembling the Lifetime Compost Tumbler with a few quick jokes tucked into the video. Whoever puts this together for you deserves a nice home cooked meal! More info on our website about how this composter is working for us and we will post another video covering the […]