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Exaco Trading ECO-88 90-Gallon Wooden Composter

Experts agree that home composting of organic kitchen and garden waste represents the lowest financial and environmental cost method of diverting bio wastes from landfill. This attractive wooden composter looks much better and lasts longer than a standard plastic composter . Tucked away in the garden, the sun’s heat is absorbed, which is necessary for […]


Exaco Trading ECO-2000 2.4 Gallon Kitchen Compost Waste Collector

Making your own compost starts in the kitchen by collecting all your organic waste and adding it to your outdoor composter. As much as 30% of household waste can be composted and should not be sent to a landfill. Composting is the answer and using the Kitchen Compost Collector is a most practical way to […]


Exaco Trading EARTH Earthmaker 120-Gallon Three Stage Aerobic Composter

The Earthmaker Aerobic Composter is the world’s first continuous cycle compost bin with three chambers for faster results.Simply load the organic waste into the large top opening. The secure swiveling door keeps animals out. The interior triple chamber configuration provides faster results than traditional bins and keeps fresh waste and mature compost separate. This unit […]