Pallet Recycling ~ Compost Bin and Square foot gardening raised beds ~ Recycling Free Pallets :)

I’ve made several raised bed gardens and a compost bin using free pallets. Simple builds and best off all free materials!

5 Responses to “Pallet Recycling ~ Compost Bin and Square foot gardening raised beds ~ Recycling Free Pallets :)”

  1. mommyrottie says:

    Nice video. I’m just a few nails away from having a compost bin out of FREE pallets! I like the raised bed. It really helps to see it done. I’ve got a bunch of garlic I bought to pickle, but haven’t. I just found out that now is the time to plant them, so I’m considering it. We’ll see. Thanks again for the video! Oh and your little girl is very cute!

  2. vidaripollen says:

    good to use free inputs.also logistics very important.the bin should be near the veg patch.saves labour.also water sourc to sprinkle water in dry season.

  3. GrdnovGreens says:

    @zuditaka Oh and thanks for the complement on my daughter :) She just loves your videos!!

  4. GrdnovGreens says:

    @zuditaka I haven’t seen any rats… yet, lol. It’s a far distance from the house, so I’m not really worried about the rats. Main concern is hogs, but I try and make sure everything is well buries, so far so good :). It’s been in service for about 8 months now (this vid was last fall) and I’m starting to harvest out the compost, such pretty stuff! I need to catch up on your vids!! Youtube messed with their homepage and for a while I wasn’t seeing anyone, ppfft!! Nice to chat again :)

  5. zuditaka says:

    Nice video! You seem very resourceful and capable, as a builder, I mean. Hope your compost bin doesn’t attract too many rats at night-time! I’d like to get one of those compost tumblers, and then the rats couldn’t get in! Still, I suppose if one dutifully and correctly turns foodscraps into the soil, or buries them in grass clippings, that the vermin wouldn’t take over. My brother in Portland, Oregon, found just feeding the birds seeds was attracting rats to his house! Your little girl is cute!!

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